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Aerolam’s Aeropro Pack – Bulk Packing Solution

  1. Aerolam ‘s AeroPro Pack is the ultimate packing solution for bulk packaging and storing.
  2. AEROLAM Bubble Pack Guard Board is made from patented 3 ply sandwiched structure with a unique circular honeycomb bubble core (provides cushioning) and multiple layers of flat polypropylene on either side which is best for Industrial Packaging Solutions for Material Handling, Storage and Transportation of bulk products.
  3. Being ultra-strong & rigid Aerolam’s AeroPro Pack Guard solution can be easily customised, die-cut, folded and glued to make various types of Packaging Boxes for many usages.
  4. AeroPro packing solution is of extremely good quality which is even exported to many countries. They come inbuilt with strong handle, locks and straps.
  5. These boxes being easily foldable, collapsible and resuable , they can be used for Fruits packing, FMCG storing, and also Electrical Packaging.

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