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Communicate your branding messages clearly and safely.

Aerolam’s AeroPro VisCom-Print Guard is a ground breaking innovation which makes outdoor campaigning simply remarkable. The below mentioned features will explain you further.

1. Made of Polypropylene.

It is made from 100% polypropylene and thus it is 100% Waterproof & 100% Recyclable. Absolutely no harm to mother nature.

2. It has smooth and flat surfaces.

Aerolam’s AeroPro VisCom-Print Guard is made with smooth and flat surfaces thereby making it easy to convert, clean and maintain.

3. Made with a Matt Surface finish.

AeroPro VisCom-Print Guard comes with a matt surface finish which guarantees high results. Thus, it is rigid in strength yet flexible and light weight in feel.

4. Dust resistant.

Aerolam’s AeroPro VisCom-Print Guard is designed in such a way that it’s material is non-abrasive and Non-Dust Forming. Thus, it is resistant to any external dust factors.

5. Absolutely safe.

Made with treatment levels of above 42 Dynes Aerolam’s AeroPro VisCom-Print Guard assures an excellent printability and adhesion without the worry of Scratch, Crack, Wear & Tear. Aerolam’s Bubble Guard Print Boards are the ultimate range of visual communication support for Advertisement Banners, Displays, Graphics & Signages. Do get in touch with us on or call us on +91 8 200 800 100 | +91 9 234 567 897