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HVAC Duct Insulation Material Manufacturers – Aerolam Insulation

Aerolam Insulation is One of The Top Most HVAC Duct Insulation Material Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The abbreviation HVAC is for heating, undercooling, and air conditioning.

What is HVAC Insulations?

The term that you see in the title may or may not be heard by you. Yet let us break it down for you so that there is clarity in understanding. The abbreviation HVAC is for heating, undercooling, and air conditioning. On elaborating it further, HVAC means the different systems which are responsible for moving air between indoor and outdoor spaces. These kinds of systems are necessary in residential as well as commercial places in order to maintain the heating or cooling needs of the infrastructure. Apart from maintaining a particular temperature in the infrastructure, these systems enable filtering indoor air to keep it clean along with maintaining the humidity levels at the optimal comfort stages. All in all, one is able to sit comfortably in a room that has connecting duct insulation only with the help of these HVAC insulation systems.

HVAC Duct Insulations

How Does HVAC Duct Insulation Affect Our Lives? ​

We live in times wherein heating and cooling systems have almost become a necessity in all kinds of spaces. Gone are those days when there would be an independent air conditioner or heater in one room. People are now opting for systems like the HVAC duct insulation materials where in all the rooms of a building are connected with the same ventilation system. Every component in each room is separate, but these heating or AC systems are connected with a single blower that circulates air through the medium of internal ducts. While we have understood the relevance of HVAC insulation in our everyday lives, it’s time we pay heed to the quality of duct insulation that is carried out.

Now it is a basic human tendency to spend money well on things that are visible in a building such as the interiors, furniture, decorations, etc. In order to justify these expenses, people tend to cut down on expenses that lie in the foundation of a building as those aspects aren’t visible to the naked eye. The insulation of HVAC ducts is often overlooked. 


But when you do so, you are actually causing more harm than good in the long run. If we talk about the HVAC ducts, in particular, ensuring that you have them installed with the best of quality makes a vast difference in the monthly expenses. This is because high-quality ducts are directly impacting the electricity consumption of your heaters and air conditioners in a positive fashion. Your energy consumption will be lesser in comparison to the cheap ducts you use which will result in lower utility bills. Along with this, it also affects the overall temperature maintenance of the building. Hence if you try to cut down on costs for the HVAC duct insulation, it will end up getting more expensive for you and you will also need to compromise on the quality and temperature of air that you take in. When the heat is piercing through the ceiling, you will start getting hot under the collar which will impact not just your mood but also your productivity in general. This will impact the atmosphere of homes as well as offices.

Why Is Duct Insulation Important?

The HVAC ducts go through various rooms in a building that have different temperatures. After this, it delivers air through these duct registers. This also means that the duct system needs to first understand the various temperatures of the rooms and accordingly put forward a desirable air temperature that has to be distributed in different rooms of the building. The furnace of this system is usually placed in the basement from where it pushes the air that goes on to further heat your room. This furnace needs to first face cool air before sending out warmth. In the case of air conditioners, the same protocol is followed. It needs to face the hot air before making it cool enough to form a comfortable temperature to reside in. The transfer of heat is inevitable in a manner but It system has to face this common obstacle during initial operation. Despite this, the system keeps running in a cycle to frequently push this heat either in or out; as per the temperature needs of the infrastructure. The insulation that is placed in the HVAC insulation is thermal in nature which helps balance the heat during these system cycles. Hence we can say that through the help of insulation in ducts, you can gain maximum efficiency from HVAC ducts with comparatively lesser energy consumption.