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Aerolam Mission, Vision and Values

To create the best products using innovative technology and highly skilled professionals, by creating a better everyday life for all stakeholders.


To be our customers’ first choice when selecting a world-class manufacturer of Bubble Insulation, XLPE Insulation, FIBC, PP Bubble Guard Board & Other Bubble Guard Products. To be the provider of related technical and consulting services.

To embrace a propensity for satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by supplying on-time, high quality products and services, with competitive pricing and long term consistent value.

Strategies to achieve our mission


Our vision at AEROLAM is to be the global leader in manufacturing, innovation, service, and development for all areas of our business. This vision will be accomplished in conjunction with our approach to corporate sustainability that is built into our culture, and every decision we make.

Our vision of growth is not merely a financial bottom line, but a combination of the economic, social and environmental influence AEROLAM possesses.

Strategies to achieve our vision


AEROLAM Group’s business choices have always been dictated by values ensuring balanced growth, better quality of life and a harmonious relationship between the Individual, the Organisation and the Environment. The entire management system is based on principles fostering environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and the use of renewable source energy for plastics manufacturing.

The values guiding AEROLAM Group’s business conduct and mode of operation in order to achieve its corporate objectives in the field of plastics manufacturing can be summarized in three fundamental principles:

Putting people at the center of everything we do, respect for their right to physical and cultural integrity, and attention to their needs and expectations.

Fairness and transparency of management systems in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Growth in profitability and competitiveness while respecting the role of employees, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Research and development of new sustainable products, which utilize available resources to their best advantage so as to conserve them for the present and future generations.

Reliability of management and operating systems to ensure the maximum safety of employees, the community and the environment.

Respect for the laws and regulations in force.

Pursuit of the highest standards of quality and customer care for our products and services.

Innovation, customer service and increasingly closer integration of research and development and the design of new solutions.

Quality control in laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology for analysis and research.