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Need industrial storage bags? Aerolam’s FIBC/JUMBO BAGS is the solution for you!

FIBC bags by Aerolam is the perfect solution for heavy industrial storage. They are efficient & cost-effective and provide hassle free storage & movement of industrial products. Below are the highlights of FIBC bags by Aerolam.

1. Can carry heavy load.

FIBC bags by Aerolam can carry heavy working load up to 2000 kg.

2. Can be customized.

FIBC bags can be custom made with coated or uncoated polypropylene fabric and vary in different size, fabric weights depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL) & Safety Factor (SF).

3. It is safe to use.

FIBC bulk bags are safe to use in Food industries, Pharma and Chemical industries as they manufactured with approvals from BRC and AIB Certification.

4.Various industrial application.

These bags can be used in normal industry or in a high-tech industry depending on the usage. We at Aerolam have integrated plant from tape to final finishing of bags & and we can manufacture all type of FIBC as per the specific requirements of different customers. We also produce all type of polypropylene (PP) bags. Do get in touch with us on or call us on +91 8 200 800 100 | +91 9 234 567 897