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AeroPro Pack

AeroPro Pack - Packing Solutions

AeroPro Pack boards are strong, durable, impact resistant, Light-weight, water proof and chemical resistant Packaging Boxes for various Light & Heavy Industrial Packaging purposes.

AEROLAM Bubble Guard Board is made from patented 3 ply sandwiched structure with a unique circular honeycomb bubble core (provides cushioning) and multiple layers of flat polypropylene on either side are designed to provide Industrial Packaging Solutions for Material Handling, Storage and Transportation of your valued products. They are strong & rigid and can be easily die-cut, folded and glued (ultrasound or heat weld) to make different types of Packaging Boxes for multiple usage.

Special Treatments other than Corona such as ESD, VCI, antistatic, UV, flame or fire resistant can be achieved on AEROLAM Bubble Guard Print as per your requirement. Unlike PP Corrugated Flute Sheets, AEROLAM Bubble Guard Print has an extremely flat surface, is clean, lightweight, cheap and completely recyclable material which resists moisture and greasy environment. They are thus particularly convenient and suitable for packing of fragile products.


Key Benefits



300 – 6000 GSM

Available Sizes
7’x 5′ (custom sizes available with a defined MOQ)

Available Thickness

Available Colours
White, Grey, Blue, Black (custom colours available with a defined MOQ)


CUTTING: It can be cut with simple tools like Cutting Blade, Stationery Cutter, Jigsaw, Tipped Saw, Circular Saw, NC Router, Die Punching Press etc.
PERFORATING: It can be perforated with simple tools like Hand Held Drill, Drilling Machine, Hole Saw, NC Router, Die Punching Press etc.
SEALING: Since it is a thermoplastic it requires Heat Edge Sealing Machine, Adhesive Sealing, Ultrasonic Sealing Machine, Hot Air Gun etc.
FORMING: It can be formed to different structures by Thermal Bending, Thermal Creasing, Thermal Pressing, Vacuum Forming etc.
JOINING: It can be joined by Riveting, Blind Nuts, Double Sided Tape, End face Thermal Welding etc.
LAMINATION: It can be laminated in-line with a vast range of compatible materials like Printed/Plain PP Films, Non- woven PP Fabrics, Woven PP Fabrics, EPE Foam, Metallized PP Film, PP Coated Aluminium Foil, Barrier Films, PP Coated Paper/Carpets/ Fabrics, PET Textiles, EPP Foam and other Decorative Film.