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When it comes HVAC duct insulation it has to be Aerolam’s XLPE insulation!

Aerolam is a leading manufacturer of Insulation products and XLPE insulation by Aerolam is simply the best in class insulation solution. Read further to know more about it.

1. Exclusively designed for HVAC segment

Aerolam’s XLPE insulation is exclusively created for HVAC segment which can be applied in Textile and Building industry, for thermal & acoustic insulation.

2. It is water/moisture resilient.

XLPE insulation is manufactured by supreme technology hence it is absolutely water and moisture resistant.

3. Fungi Resistant.

Worried about fungi attack? Relax, it is unaffected by fungi attack as XLPE insulation is developed with unrivalled raw materials in a hi-tech manufacturing plant.

4. Conforms to International Quality standards.

AEROLAM XLPE conforms to Class 1 for Surface Spread of Flame Characteristics and Class ‘O’ for Fire Propagation, is dust and fibre free and is user friendly. It undergoes several strict quality checks conforming to International Quality standards before being launched in the market.

5. Chemically unreactive.

Chemically, XLPE is unresponsive to mild acids and alkalis. That’s how it is completely outstanding solution compared to other insulation available in the market.

6. Wide temperature range

XLPE insulation is designed in such a way that it is also suitable for a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +115 °C.

We at Aerolam are renowned for our exceptional quality of products, world-class technology and prompt delivery of insulation solutions catering to a wide range of industries.
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