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AeroPro Box

The Revolutionary Innovation in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry. Reduce your costs by reducing your Environmental Footprint.

AeroPro Box is made from 100% recyclable PP Aerolam BubbleGuard Board, which is a triple layered board made through a patented European Co-extrusion technology and is an intelligent and practical pallet enclosure solution which offers one of the most versatile, safe and secure packaging & storage options to the Packaging, Ware Housing and Logistics Industry. This revolutionary innovation is a returnable & reusable system useful in different industry verticals like packaging, storage, stacking, logistics & supply chain.

Structure of AeroPro Box

This optimised AeroPro Box comprises of 3 parts – Lid, Pallet & Collapsible Sleeve. It also comprises certain optional components like Positioning Locks, Windows & Partitions.

Lid, Pallet & Collapsible Sleeve

The Anti-Skid Lid makes the AeroPro Box an optimal solution for safe stacking during warehouse storage & transportation. The rack-able Pallet allows the Sleeve to be racked during storage, allowing better space management. The Lid & Pallet are designed in sync with a 3 runner base, for stable stacking and compatibility with all standard lifts for easy handling.

The Collapsible Sleeve, made from Aerolam 3 ply PP Circular Bubble Honeycomb Board, offers a combination of rigidity, durability and reusability.

Positioning Locks, Windows & Partitions

Positioning Locks – A key component of the AeroPro Box is the unique and easy-to-use CamLock that has a one-push sliding system that allows quick & safe assembly & disassembly of the box. This innovative lock involves a snap-closing action that securely positions the sleeve walls to the pallet & lid, preventing inadvertent opening or displacement.

Window – This optional port allows the desired ease of access during loading and unloading of material. This no-gap closure with its special lock ensures that the interior remains dust-free during dry storage and transportation.

Partitions – The optional partitions serve as cushions for horizontal and vertical segregation of goods, ensuring that there is no contact between materials, or damage to the goods. Honeycomb Tier Separators & Partitions function as high performing shock absorbers, especially during transportation. These interlocking panels can be portable, removable or permanently integrated, as desired.

Benefits of AeroPro Box

AeroPro Box offers multiple benefits over conventional storage & transportation systems like paperboard boxes, wooden planks and plastic crates.

The intelligent space-saving foldable & collapsible design provides 70% Freight Cost Reduction in Reverse Logistics and CO2 Emissions.

AeroPro Box has optimized sizes for truck loads & sea containers to make the most out of transport volume. They warehouse space efficiency. can be reduced to minimum size to save up to 80 % volume of return transports. * Fumigation free, zero maintenance and export-friendly.

Other Key Benefits

Protection and Handling Features

Permanent Protection from Dust, Dirt & Moisture
Permanent Protection from Dust, Dirt & Moisture
Fragile goods can be transported safely
Fragile goods can be transported safely
Permanent protection of product from Scratches & Dents
Permanent protection of product from Scratches & Dents
Efficient, Fast & Ergonomic Assembly & Disassembly
Efficient, Fast & Ergonomic Assembly & Disassembly
No Manual Locks Required
No Manual Locks Required
Minimized Risk of any loose components
Minimized Risk of any loose components
Intuitive and user friendly

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Food Processing

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