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About Aerolam

The AEROLAM Group of Companies comprises leading professionals, high quality and precisely designed products, through high-end engineering and advanced R&D.

Aerolam Promoters with their humble team had a vision, which successfully culminated in the inception of Aerolam Insulations Pvt Ltd in 2011. A purposeful market research with a clear and focused approach to understanding the need for insulation products has been a crucial factor in their growth. With a clear sense of the global climatic conditions, technical expertise and business acumen Team Aerolam sensed the scope of opportunity which led to future business recognition & accolades.

Their firm belief in manufacturing and the ownership of a brand was further nurtured and leveraged across a range of products and categories. Beginning with Reflective Insulation Material, Aerolam and RIM are now synonymous with each other. In a short span of 8 years the geographical markets and the client base have both covered some of the major countries of the world, top corporations, business houses and large contracting firms and have reached an enviable number.

Consistent and a focused attitude to manufacture only the highest quality product ( with best product efficacy), marketing through the right channels, creating a robust sales network across the value chain, participation at relevant trade shows and own personal goodwill built, has all enabled Aerolam to reach heights of success and growth.

A solid determination and positive intent has made Aerolam the most sought after and trusted brand and this fact is well leveraged through new products coupled with new insight into the market needs. A plethora of new products are constantly developed that cater to applications across multiple industries. This in particular has brought in new machines, new technology, international consultants, industry experts as part of the internal corporate team and a more aggressive vision to percolate into multiple applications.

Their need to manufacture and market products which are unique & challenging has taken them a notch higher in the industry. They are pioneers in the Double Bubble Insulation – Reflective insulation in the Indian market. They installed the first machine in the world to manufacture double bubble – bubble guard which can manufacture upto 6000 GSM. Team Aerolam have also roped in the right partners on-board in order to facilitate the goal as well as to be a part of the growth at the onset itself.

Team Aerolam have also roped in the right partners on-board in order to facilitate the goal as well as to be a part of the growth at the onset itself.

Aerolam today in real sense is a multifaceted Organization with manufacturing prowess in Reflective Insulation Material, XLPE (Expanded Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam) Insulation Material, FIBC (PP Woven Jumbo Bags), PP Bubble Guard Board (a board with endless applications and seamless possibilities) & CPP Film (Especially for Medical & Food grade Packaging).