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Aerolam’s Aeropro Pack – Floor Protection Sheets

  1. Still searching for ‘floor protection sheet near me’? in google? Fret not as Aerolam‘s AeroPro Protect – Floor Guard will solve all your floor protection worries.
  2. AeroPro Floor guard is the ultimate floor protection shied which guards your floor against scratches or spillages during construction work.
  3. Aerolam’s AeroPro Protect is manufactured from honeycomb polypropylene structure which provides long-term protection for various surfaces like windows, doors, stairs, walls and doors.
  4. Being ultra-lightweight and sturdy, these AeroPro Floor Protect Sheets are tear, puncture and impact-resistant.
  5. Moreover, they can be cut, curved and creased to any surface according to one’s need.

The patented 3 ply inserted structure with a circular honeycomb core (provides padding) and several layers of polypropylene make these AeroPro Floor Protect sheets tough and reusable many times.

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