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Thinking of Insulation? Consider Aerolam’s Bubble Insulation!

At slot gacor we always believe in constant innovation and one such innovative creation is the Bubble Insulation by us. Not only it is manufactured using highest technology but it can also be seamlessly customised as per industry requirement. Read on further to know more about it game slot.

1. Five different variants to suit different needs

Aerolam’s different variants of Bubble Insulation caters to different needs of the industry. We have the following variants available: –

  • Aerolam Super PE – It contains single layer fire retardant air bubble film laminated with single side aluminium foil and white poly on other side.
  • Aerolam Super – It has a single layer of fire-retardant air bubble film laminated with both side pure aluminium foil.
  • Aerolam Premium – It comprises of 2 layers of fire-retardant polyethylene air bubble film laminated with both sides pure aluminium foil.
  • Aerolam Advance – It encompasses single layer of fire-retardant BIG BUBBLE laminated both side with pure aluminium.
  • Aerolam Optimum- It includes double layers of fire-retardant BIG BUBBLE laminated both sides with pure aluminium foil.

2. It can be easily customised as per industry requirement.

Aerolam is the first in India to produce double bubble insulation and we have a state-of-the-art lamination technology which enables to manufacture high end insulation solution as per industrial demand.

3. Availability of various thicknesses.

At Aerolam we have the capacity to manufacture insulation of various thicknesses, starting from 4 mm up to 20 mm.

4. Various industrial application.

Bubble insulation solution by Aerolam can be used in various industrial application like poultry, underdeck/ under roof insulation, water tank insulation and many more.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of Bubble insulation solution slot 88.
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